Reach Mentoring and the Lebanese League of Women in Business join forces to empower professional wom


Women’s mentoring organisation Reach strengthens MENA offering through partnership with the Lebanese League of Women in Business

A first-of-its-kind agreement has been signed between Reach, the first non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring and leadership of women professionals in the Middle East, and the Lebanese League of Women in Business (“LLWB”), a socio-economic association committed to developing and supporting women’s leadership initiatives in Lebanon. 

As part of the Memorandum of Understanding agreement, Reach will launch a pilot mentoring program this year, in partnership with the LLWB. This will include the enrolment of mentors and mentees to join the mentoring programme from the LLWB organization, as well as other corporate firms in Beirut. LLWB will become Reach’s networking partner in Lebanon, organising events to facilitate professional networking and the creation of a local Reach community.

Established in 2013, Reach has seen over 200 women at various stages of their careers complete the organization’s year-long mentoring programme, where they have been matched with male and female mentors from all industry sectors.

The specialised online platform adopted by Reach enables algorithmic matching of mentors and mentees to ensure compatibility on a number of levels, and includes objective setting and tracking, overseen by a professional trainer and project manager.  The programme to be delivered, as part of the agreement with the Lebanese League of Women in Business, will provide mentorship for women on a professional level, equipping women with soft skills to excel in the Middle East workplace.

Reach Board Member Laudy Lahdo commented: “Empowering women has been an important factor in the UAE 2020 vision. Various organizations across the UAE, and the GCC states, have achieved important milestones in enabling women to reach leadership positions. Reach and the Lebanese League of Women in Business will work together to enable women to have the required professional training to help them unlock their true potential through structured, professional support”.

“Our partnership will allow us to further expand our efforts to empower women in the workplace to include, not only the UAE, but the wider MENA region, where the need for access to role models and professional guidance, within a structured mentoring framework, is much needed.

The Lebanese League of Women in Business was established in Beirut, bringing together professional women by providing them with a platform to share experiences and challenges, develop competencies and skills, as well as network and exchange expertise. The LLWB is led by a steering committee of prominent women representing some of the most successful businesses, institutions and advisory firms in Lebanon. The LLWB work towards the continuous effort to empower women in the workplace.

Eva Aouad, Secretary to the Board of the Lebanese League of Women in Business said:  “The organization’s vision is to always work towards building a better business environment and enhance the knowledge and skills of all members involved. Our agreement with Reach enables us to provide practical, effective and valuable mentorship for our members, and work in tandem with an organization that has the same core objectives at heart.  We believe the mutual benefits will be far-reaching.”