Reach Mentoring Showcased at The Global Women’s forum


REACH, the first non-profit organization dedicated to professional women mentoring and leadership in the Middle East, is participating in the Global Women’s Forum today (Wednesday), to highlight the value that mentorship can bring to women from the start of their careers to the pinnacle of their success.

The REACH mentoring session, being held at 11:45am at the Madinat Jumeirah as part of the Global Women’s Forum, will be hosted by a number of board members, all successful women in their respective careers in the Middle East, and offer an insight into the benefits of participating in a mentoring program.

Reach Board members speak at the GWF Dubai 2016

Jumana Abu-Hannoud, co-founder of REACH said: “By gaining new perspectives, considering new approaches and enjoying the support and confidentiality of a mentor, women can fast-track their careers and transform their lives.

”On behalf of Reach we would like to thank the Dubai Women’s Establishment and Dubai Holding Group for being advocates of mentoring, for giving us the opportunity to participate in this important forum.”

The REACH Board of Directors includes: Farah Foustok, CEO, Lazard Gulf Limited; Jumana Abu-Hannoud, Head of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Hills Group; Pamela Chikhani, Head of Business Development and Communications, Oasis Investment Company; and Racha Alkhawaja, Head of Institutional Coverage at Menacorp Financial Services.